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By Stephen Kershaw

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The publication leads the reader via those bright tales, from the origins of the gods via to the homecomings of the Trojan heroes. the entire known narratives are the following, besides a few much less normal characters and motifs. as well as the stories, the ebook explains key concerns bobbing up from the narratives, and discusses the myths and their wider relevance.

This long-overdue booklet crystallises 3 key parts of curiosity: the character of the stories; the tales themselves; and the way they've got and may be interpreted. For the 1st time, it brings jointly features of Greek mythology simply often on hand in disparate types - particularly children's books and educational works. there'll be a lot right here that's fascinating, superb, and weird in addition to everyday. specialists and non-experts, adults, scholars and schoolchildren alike will achieve leisure and perception from this interesting and significant quantity.

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The bird tries to carry the king up to heaven to obtain the plant of birth, but three times they are unsuccessful. Eventually the king gets to heaven on the back of the bird and, although the text is unfinished, his quest for an heir is apparently fulfilled, for in the Sumerian king list Etana is succeeded by a son. 38 Many suggest that the eagle and snake motif represents the union of sky-powers and earth-powers. This can be seen in the case of the sacred world-tree in Norse mythology, Yggdrasil.

One part of eagle anatomy that fascinates people is the eye; indeed, ‘eagle-eyed’ is a metaphor and a bit of cliché, but it does refer to a specific reality of eagles: they do indeed have exceptionally powerful vision. Experts gauge that their vision is up to two and a half or three times that of human vision (some say higher), but this rough estimate does not really convey a true description of eagle sight. It is not simply that they can see further than we do: they see the world in a fundamentally different manner.

28 Eagle eyes are huge, proportionally much bigger in their faces than our eyes are in our faces (their eyes are actually about the same size as ours in direct comparison). We can only see a bit of the eye when we look at an eagle – most of it is deep in the skull. The cornea, which is only a fraction of the eye, bulges out slightly to fit into the front of the eye socket. The eagle’s distinctive patrician brow, which often defines its anthropomorphic representation as old, wise, judgemental or regal, is technically called a ‘supraorbital ridge’.

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