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By Arthur C. Clarke

ISBN-10: 0795325401

ISBN-13: 9780795325403

A lunar cruise leads to catastrophe after a moonquake sinks the cruiser Selene underneath a sea of liquid-fine lunar airborne dirt and dust at the Moon’s Sea of Thirst. dealing with huge, immense environmental boundaries, the rescue workforce reveals their braveness, ingenuity, and assets verified to the breaking point—as trapped passengers and workforce slowly run out of time.

Originally released in 1961, A Fall of Moondust used to be nominated for a Hugo Award for most sensible Novel, and was once the 1st technology fiction story selected as a Reader’s Digest Condensed ebook. knowledgeable by means of the most up-tp-date medical wisdom of the time, A Fall of Moondust is a realistically conceived and gripping tale of human resourcefulness and triumph within the face of approximately insurmountable demanding situations.

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