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V, 1900, p. ; Vol. VI, p. ; Vol. VII, p. 3G3 sq. Of the Italian historians, Niccolini, Solari, and Pareti are the ones who have most syste­ matically devoted themselves to the s tu dy of Sparta; see the former's Elementi del periodo epico nclla constituzionc di Sparta (Ri v is t a di storia antica, IX, 1904, p. ). • Up to 1894, when the Duke of Cambridge was retired, the Commander-in-chief of the British Army was as a rulr a member of the royal family.

And the Sayings of Laconian Women (TO. tion, Paris, 1856, Vol. III, pp. 253-292, 292-297, and 297-300. me and e. s e. s e. rte. graire il. rte; e. reh's Life of Lycurgus. ' Cf. G. rchs im Leben des Lykurgos (e. r F. rchs Leben des Lykurgos (in the Collection Sieglin, Quellen u. Forschungcn zur alten Geschichte, Vol. XXIII, Berlin, 1910). • Sphreros Borysthenites, whom Kessler (p. s e. privy councillor of Cleomenes, is said to have written e. bout the Lacedremonian state and another about Lycurgus and Socrates.

The king usually builds his palace on a fortified height, which commands the surrounding country. Around it live the servants and officials of the royal household. On the fields which belong to the ruler live the peasants, who pay taxes in kind into the royal store-houses. For this reason the royal treasury con­ stitutes an important part of the palace. In addition to this it appears that the king's subjects were put to forced labor, for without this the building of such spacious palaces, fortifications and tombs would have been impossible.

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