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Dieses Buch ist ein Protest gegen die Auffassung, daß der demokratische Verfas­ sungsstaat notwendigerweise schwach sei und sich gegenüber dem Extremismus der Linken und Rechten in der protecting befinden müsse. In Wirklichkeit kann der Verfassungsstaat stark genug sein, im Kampf um Würde und Freiheit des Menschen die Initiative zu behalten und diese Auseinandersetzung zu gewinnen.

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2 Now since every language is formally sui generis and formal correspondence is, at best, a rough approximation, it is clear that the formal meanings of SL items and TL items can rarely be the same. A TL dual may on occasion be the translation equivalent of an SL plural—for instance, Arabic kitaabeen as equivalent of English books—but it cannot have the same formal meaning. One is a term in a 2-term number-system, the other a term in a 3-term system; each gets a 'value'2 deriving from the co-existence of the other term(s) in the system.

I n the first place, it is a misrepresentation of the process, and consequently renders the discussion of the conditions of translation equivalence difficult; in the second place, it conceals the fact that a useful distinction can be made between translation and another process which we call transference. In transference, which we discuss in the next section, there is, indeed, transference of meaning; but this is not translation in the usual sense. 42 6 Transference I N normal translation, as we have said above, the T L text has a TL meaning.

1 above, is 'a property of a ' In Locke and Booth Machine Translation of Languages (New York, London 1955), p. 18. 41 A LINGUISTIC THEORY OF TRANSLATION language'. T h e one thing which does most nearly correspond to transcoding is the universal literate practice of switching from the spoken to the written medium and vice versa. In this process, one and the same 'message' embodied in a particular selection of grammatical and lexical forms may be presented, or expounded, alternatively in two different 'codes'.

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