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Zoning is common, as shown in the figures. Nepheline, when unaltered, is clear and colourless under are the microscope, but the formation of zeolites, principally observed along the cleavage cracks. 54). Double refraction and interference tints very weak, the latter not exceeding grey of the first order. Basal sections are isotropic, but show a dark cross in convergent polarised light. Nepheline occurs in certain intermediate and basic It is rocks, principally belonging to the eruptive series. comparatively rare in the plutonic types, but is present in a few rocks allied to the diorites and dolerites in composition, but frequently termed nepheline or elaeolite syenites.

8. UNIAXIAL INTERFERENCE FIGURES. , perpendicular to ah optic axis, or to the acute bisectrix, as the case may be, and the thinness of the slice detracts much from the brilliancy of the figures. The crystal should be selected for examination which shows the lowest interference tints of any that are to be found in the slice, and, after centring with a low power, the double nose-piece is turned so as to bring the high power into action. The crystal must fill the whole field of the microscope when under the high power, unless no other doubly refracting minerals are present.

Clase, the potash felspar, stands by itself as a member of the oblique prismatic system of crystallization. Microcline, which is closely allied to it but contains variable amounts of soda, is anorthic. The difference of its angles, however, from those of orthoclase is scarcely measurable though, on the other hand, its microscopic structure, as shown in polarised light, renders its distinction a matter ; Besides these, we have the group of plagioclases, readily discriminated for the most part from orthoclase, and microcline, but not so easily separated from one another, though such a separation is of great of the greatest ease.

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