Guangwu Feng's A Theory of Conventional Implicature & Pragmatic Markers in PDF

By Guangwu Feng

ISBN-10: 1849509344

ISBN-13: 9781849509343

The general goal of this booklet is to enhance a Gricean theoretical framework of traditional implicature during which chinese language pragmatic markers could be accommodated. It has associated targets. to begin with it units out to boost a thought of traditional implicature. traditional implicature is itself a hugely arguable time period, understood very another way through a variety of manufacturers of up to date pragmatic concept, and is a pivotal idea within the debates among the Gricean and Neo-Gricean theorists at the one hand and proponents of Relevance concept at the different. This booklet bargains an exemplary research and definition of what's concerned about those present debates, and it either clarifies and 'problematises' a wide range of linked matters. the second one target is to provide a principled and systematic research of pragmatic markers in chinese language. Markers of this type (and various interconnnected different types together with discourse debris) were the topic of extreme research lately, and this designated research of chinese language markers is a contribution during this quarter that's of considerable significance, either theoretical and empirical.

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Ordinary language is not good enough for the job because it is ‘‘full of vagueness and inaccuracy’’ (Russell, 1959: 178). In contrast to the formal semanticists, the latter school, represented by the later Wittgenstein (1953) and Austin (1962) (known as use theorists), argues that symbolic logic is unable to account for the real facts of language use and insists that philosophical analysis be done with ordinary language. For instance Austin argued that language is not merely a means to describe the world, but more importantly an intricate instrument with which rational human beings perform a variety of speech acts.

Grice was in fact adopting a ‘‘truth-functionalist view’’ (Strawson, 1986: 229). As Grice himself (1989: 4) admitted, he was reluctant to write off the formal style of accounting for natural language use because he believed that it can do part of the job. He insisted that the most promising way to account for ordinary language use is to build up a theory which will enable one to distinguish the case in which an utterance is inappropriate because it is false or fails to be true, or more generally fails to correspond to the world in some favoured way, from the case in which it is inappropriate for reasons of a different kind.

Instead of providing information about the candidate’s ability in philosophy, the professor writes something as in (9) and nothing else. (9) Bill’s handwriting is beautiful and his attendance to tutorials is regular. GRICE’S THEORY OF MEANING 21 On the surface, the professor is uncooperative, since what he says seems irrelevant, at least not relevant enough for the current purpose of recommending Bill for a philosophy position. In technical terms, the utterance is apparently against the maxims of relation and quantity in the given context.

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