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By Charles Stross

ISBN-10: 1101208473

ISBN-13: 9781101208472

The Singularity. it's the period of the posthuman. synthetic intelligences have passed the bounds of human mind. Biotechnological beings have rendered humans all yet extinct. Molecular nanotechnology runs rampant, replicating and reprogramming at will. touch with extraterrestrial existence grows extra coming near near with every one new day.

Struggling to outlive and thrive during this sped up international are 3 generations of the Macx extended family: Manfred, an entrepreneur dealing in intelligence amplification know-how whose brain is split among his actual setting and the net; his daughter, Amber, at the run from her domineering mom, looking her fortune within the outer procedure as an indentured astronaut; and Sirhan, Amber's son, who unearths his future associated with the destiny of all of humanity.

For anything is systematically dismantling the 9 planets of the sunlight method. anything past human comprehension. anything that has little need for organic existence in any form...

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This was not going to be an easy interview. ‘Why now, Random? We haven’t seen each other more than a dozen times in the past twenty years. Why now, when my career is on the wane? ’ Random smiled again, a gentle creasing of her outdoorsy face. Her grey-streaked hair was stiff with sunshine and salt water. ‘I know it’s been a while, Mother. ’ She stroked a small ball of fur around her neck and it mewled softly. Trillian saw tiny teeth and a tail and her heart sank. ‘I’ve heard about that thing. Your constant companion.

The old man wasn’t as ancient as he had been barely a moment before. He could tell this by the tautness of the skin on his hands and the renewed sharpness of his hearing. I can hear every word these two women shriek at me. Oh joy. ’ yelled the elder of the two, actually yelled. He hadn’t been yelled at in… decades. ’ Trying not to, thought Arthur, keeping his head down. ‘I hate her,’ screamed the teenager. ‘She abandoned me and now she wants to control me. ’ ‘Daddy? ’ Arthur Dent. It fit him.

Said the mirror, overriding the mute. Trillian ignored it. She needed to pull herself together. She had at one time been the Galaxy’s most respected reporter and that was an achievement. She would force her regret into its box down in the pit of her stomach and go do her job. Trillian plucked at a strand in her helmet of coiffed simhair, squared her shoulders and walked into the auditorium to interview the daughter that had been conceived in a lograv fertility satellite clinic near Barnard’s Star.

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